Chimgan & Nebesa

Entrance to Nebasa

Entrance to Nebasa

Our luggage gets strapped onto the top of Dimitri’s minivan, and off we go for the drive north and into the mountains. We arrive exhausted at the Nebesa Hotel in Chimgan. This is to be our rest and recuperation time after 16+ days of travel. The Nebesa (Paradise) is a high end resort, but it is also a little odd. The service is awful and we are almost the only people staying there, but the pool is perfect for Ruth and the others, and we settle in.

The restaurant at the hotel doesn’t look especially appealing, especially since we are the only guests. The menu is in Russian only, no one seems to speak any English, and the prices for the same fare we might find other place are double or triple the cost. Dimitri connects us with a neighboring bed and breakfast that can provide us with dinner and we end up eating at this same place all three nights. There simply aren’t a lot of choices in this ski resort town in the spring, when the snow is gone. And, considering the number of closed establishments, I’m not so sure there would be a lot of choices even in the peak season.

For the next couple of days we take guided hikes with Dimitri and his mountain man cohort Gregory … and take a drive around part of the great reservoir created when the USSR build the Charvak dam in 1962. We also stop in Khodjakent to see the Bronze age rock carvings.

It starts to rain.

We depart the Nebesa and Chimgan in the rain, with our luggage is more-or-less covered with a tarp on the roof of the minivan… and head back to Tashkent for our remaining 36 hours before our 4:40am departure on Sunday.

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