Equal to $200 USD

Equal to $200 USD

Ruth had planned to write a posting about the money, but hasn’t gotten to that yet. Maybe she’ll update this one. Meanwhile, the official exchange rate is about 2,350 SOM to the dollar and we exchanged some US dollars for 2,900 SOM. The primary note in use is a 1000 and the picture above shows what $200 US dollars looks like. As we go we carry bricks of money in bags and a big wade of bills in our pockets. On every exchange these are counted out and then re-counted. The Uzbek sales people can count fast!

Everything is inexpensive, particularly food. Hotels are costing us between $60 and $80 per night for a double which includes a big breakfast. Transportation is a bit more expensive, but a private mini-van with a driver for our 7.5-hour trip from Bukhara to Khiva cost $240 for us all. Most dinners are costing us less than $10 USD per person, including a few beers. A pot of tea costs as little as 60-cents for the four of us.

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  • Steve Rooney

    Jeez. Hot, dusty, and stacks of paper currency. I need a shower, a beer, and a nap. BTW am on my way back to NYC after a nice 2-night visit with my Milwaukee siblings. 3 of us have birthdays this weekend within 4 days of each other. See you in Khiva.

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