Why Uzbekistan?

These pictures have not been fully edited or color corrected. That work has begun and I hope to find maybe 10 good pictures derived from this trip.  Each of the thumbnails below will provide you with a gallery of the images more-or-less from each location. Click on an image to make it bigger or to navigate through the gallery. Use your browser back button or click here to return to this page.

Unlike Thomas Wolfe’s famously titled novel, we have come home again.

This blog presents some words and pictures from a three week trip to Uzbekistan. We departed New York City on May 11th and returned June 1st, 2014. Above is an album of the pictures, most of which are also placed in the various posts.

Few Americans ever consider landlocked Uzbekistan as a trip destination, but its many well preserved monuments are open to us at a time when so much great historic Islamic architecture in Bagdad, Iran and Afghanistan is inaccessible. From the Timurid sites in Samarkand and Shaskhrisabz to the medieval city of Bukhara (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and 10th c. Khiva, Uzbekistan deserves notice.

The Soviets left another layer in their wake: Tashkent was rebuilt in the late 1960’s as a model Soviet town, with a subway system famous for its design, a high speed train and tree-lined avenues. A world-class high-art museum housing the Russian avant-garde Savitsky Collection is unexpectedly located in the far western desert, in out-of-the-way Nukus.

We are a group of four experienced travelers; two brothers (David & Archie) and their wives (Ruth and Pat). We have all been to Xian, the eastern origin of the Silk Road, and to one of its western termini in Istanbul, and are eager to hit its monumental middle segment. We are setting out to travel “close to the ground” in Uzbekistan, using public transportation, and on occasion, a local driver.

Ruth is an architect who will bring her sketchbook along, we will be taking copious notes and trying to connect with locals as we go. David will be taking lots of photographs and maybe some video clips.

We depart on Uzbekistan Airlines on May 11, 2014 for a three week journey. See the posting of our Itinerary.

We expect that this trip will be both a rich personal adventure and one that you will find fascinating.

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