Samarkand and Departure for Bukhara

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An early morning. Pat has the only alarm clock – set for 5:15 am. Sunrise is at 5:00am, so the early light will start around 5:30 or so. Pat wakes us and while the others get ready I’m dressed and walking to The Registan. I’m lucky to find a shop on the way that sells hot chocolate in the morning. I drink up amongst the other men and arrive at the assembled madrassa in time to see the first direct light striking these magnificent structures. But it’s a bit overcast and not ideal. Oh, well. I’ll have to come back.

The rest of the gang arrives and although it’s before the normal 8am opening hours the police let us come in. We go to the Ulug Beg Madrassa, the one we couldn’t visit when we arrived on Wednesday. We spend hours amazed by its beauty. We also figure out how to climb one of the minarets for a high angle view. Just great.

Then back to the hotel for our last “best breakfast” in Uzbekistan. We have final discussion and agreement on the Suzani, deciding not to negotiate. These are major purchases, but very fine pieces that we will enjoy for many years.

A taxi to the train station and here I am now writing as the verdant landscape of Samarkand transitions to the dry terrain of Bukhara.

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