Samarkand Day Three

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After another fabulous Antika Hotel breakfast and we spend time reviewing and considering the Suzani shown to us the previous evening. Should we buy? Out of the dozens we saw, which one(s)? We leave the hotel relatively late taking a taxi to the Uleg Beg Observatory, which in it’s day was where Uleg Beg calculated the length of the solar year to within 1-minute of today’s calculation. Not bad for an early 15th-century astronomy buff.

We then go walking to find the tomb of Daniel. This turned into a rather hard, hot and dusty walk … Finding the place wasn’t easy and after a short visit we were all ready to get back to the hotel to relax a little.

Then an early evening walk to the Gur-e Emir to pay homage to the burial site of Timur. This is another amazing Timurid bit of architecture just a short walk from our hotel. Then back to get more information and pricing on our selected Suzani.

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