Today & Yesterday; Brooklyn Botanical Garden & Kingsland Wildflowers

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The premier of this public-art exhibition of The Machine in the Garden began on October 16, 2021 on the fence bordering J.J. Byrne Playground & the Old Stone House, on 3rd Street between 4th and 5th Avenues in Brooklyn, NY.  Deinstall will be in March 2022. Click on pictures to see more.

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John Frater

Fabulous that this will be up until spring! I hope everyone else enjoys the colors as much as I did!


I stumbled across this exhibit in Park Slope. Amazing. Beautiful photos and intriguing statement. Thank you!!!

John Azelvandre

A fantastic project! All really intriguing images. The theme seems especially timely with many fleeing the city during the pandemic and now (possibly?) returning. The notion of the urban landscape and perhaps the very function and purpose of cities is evolving. How long will the exhibit be up?


I love the print titled “Today and Yesterday.” The blue sky in the center gives the illusion of being water, and at first glance I think the trees are floating above the city scape.. I love how the images recede, then comes out, then recedes, then comes back out, ….Wonderful that this will be up in the winter!

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